ModMeterWelcome To ModMeter

ModMeter it the all in one display that will show you the wattage, amperage, resitance, voltage under load and battery level of your mod. This Ohm's law calcualtor chipset doesn't carry any current so it will work perfectly with high current builds so no more limits on your super sub ohm high current setups.

Created by modders for modders, this was designed to display exactly what we wanted to see and we thought was lacking from the market. Many months later and lots of brain ache have gone into ModMeter so we are very proud it is finally available for all you un-regulated and regulated mod builders.

It's time to see what your mod pumps out with a ModMeter.


ModMeter Version 1: 1 or 2s Battery Configuration

ModMeter Version 2: 1 to 4s Battery Configuration